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I'm Sven Kauber A full-stack web dev, tinkering with Linux servers and anything cloud-based. A security buff, blockchain and DevOps fan. Read more...

Speeding up a site

Squeeze the extra Machs out of your site! Read more for some basic tips on how to make your site fly.

 6th September, 2010

Backing up Linux computers

I found methods that would allow a backup server to automatically fetch files from the computers that need to be backed up.

 17th July, 2010
  unix linux

Volga Cabrio M21-6

What will we get when we combine an old Volga M21 with a series 6 BMW Cabrio? Check more images at   TuningMag and

 11th July, 2010

Thumbnail generation in CKeditor

Image resizing of CKEditor functions only by using CSS. I added an Ajax-enabled thumbnail generation button to the editor.

 9th July, 2010

EM-10 Bielik

 2nd July, 2010
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