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Sven Kauber
I'm Sven Kauber A full-stack web dev, tinkering with Linux servers and anything cloud-based. A security buff, blockchain and DevOps fan. Read more...



I have completed my bachelor's degree in computer science at University of Turku, Finland, specializing in information systems design and software engineering and development. My minor subjects were mathematics and sociology. I have been working as a full stack web developer for twelve years.

Combining IS design methods with hands-on programming work, so natural to web development, has been most satisfying to me. I like that results can be seen instantly and it is easy to prototype.

I am a big fan of usability and I like to evaluate any user interface or design from that point of view.

For web development tasks, I use agile approach, emphasizing on communication, short development cycles and prototyping, always adapting to change. I tend to build systems using ready-made parts like frameworks (Yii, Ruby on Rails) or the CMS of my own ( Bullseye3CMS ), customizing and adding what is needed. I've also developed various projects using open source CMS's like Wordpress, Joomla, CMSMS and Saurus.

I am familiar with cloud-based services and servers and have been using Linux daily for over six years.


It is great to see or experience something that has been cleverly mixed together from other parts. It might be performed or (re)used in a new way - being it music or technology. For example Raspberry PI is a nice example of a miniature computer made of simple parts. It is a perfect fit for many tasks - to serve as the center piece of a home theatre or as a server.

My favorite music styles are remixes, mash-ups and freestyle. B-Boy TronikelSKempDrive and A'Gun are impressive wizards with their sounds. Some of their tunes are surprisingly similar to the demoscene music of the 1990s (Second Reality). Instrumental music from 1960's is equally great: The Ventures has remained on my daily playlists for a long time on Spotify.

I also love to watch movies and spend some time on Rotten Tomatoes. Its top lists and recommendations are a great way to find something worth seeing.

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