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Sven Kauber
I'm Sven Kauber A full-stack web dev, tinkering with Linux servers and anything cloud-based. A security buff and DevOps fan. Read more...



I have completed my bachelor's degree in computer science at University of Turku, Finland, specializing in information systems design and software engineering and development. My minor subjects were mathematics and sociology. I have been working as a full stack web developer for twelve years.

I am a big fan of usability and I like to evaluate any user interface or design from that point of view.

For web development tasks, I use agile approach emphasizing communication, short development cycles, prototyping and unit testing, always adapting to change. I tend to build systems using ready-made parts like frameworks (Yii, Ruby on Rails) or open-cource content management systems like WordPress, customizing and adding what is needed. I am saving development time by looking for the needed functionality from existing module libraries using composer (PHP) or npm (node.js). I like to follow good principles like DRY and KISS.

Cloud-based services and servers are great for quick setups and time savers. I have been using Unix-like systems daily for years.


It is great to see or experience something that has been cleverly mixed together from other parts. It might be performed or (re)used in a new way - being it music or technology.

My favorite music styles are remixes, mash-ups and freestyle - B-Boy Tronik, elSKemp, Drive and A'Gun. Their music is surprisingly similar to the demoscene of the 1990s (Second Reality). Instrumental music from the 1960's is equally great: The Ventures, The Bel-Airs and The Centurions have remained on my playlists on Spotify.

I also love to watch movies and spend some time on Rotten Tomatoes. Its top lists and recommendations by famous film critics are a great way to find something worth seeing.

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