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April 21st, 2011

is a content managing system, developed in close co-operation with customers and partners. During each project some of its aspects have been further refined and its scope broadened.

Sample Cases for the CMS

  • A static site must be replaced with the one that can be more easily updated. It might also need to have some dynamically generated content. 
  • A blog needs to be implemented to get closer to customers by using modern tools like RSS feeds. The blog would allow word to be more easily spread among prospective customers about new products or services. It would also allow the employees of the company to be with their customers, exploring and arguing.
  • A small online shop has grown into bigger and the amount of products has become large. Easier administration is needed. While at it, ordering process must be streamlined by using a shopping cart. Also Search-engine friendliness should to be improved and products more easily found.
  • A multilingual site is needed as business is expanding into foreign countries or different client segments. Each segment or area needs to have different language available.
  • Any combination of the above or a custom web application that needs to have a simple to use administrative user interface.

Design Principles

  • Speed The user interface for the Back-end must use cutting-edge technologies where appropriate and avoid full page refreshes if possible. For the Front-end, final HTML layouts are enhanced to comply with the guidelines set by Yahoo's YSlow .
  • Usability Minimizing mouse movements was one goal, using compact and natural structures for presenting the information another one.
  • Search-engine friendliness The Front-end was to be as search-engine friendly as possible. In order to accomplish that, the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide by Google was used as a roadmap.

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